Global real-time connection between racehorse, riders, owners & trainers.

Welcome to EqueTronic

EqueTronic is a smart equine training performance and health monitoring system for practical everyday use in racing stables. Rugged, quick to attach and easy to use, providing accurate objective data in real-time, for on-the-spot management of training sessions and later analysis, worldwide.

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With the press of a button and reading of the horse’s implanted RFID Chip, all speed, sectional times, heart rate, and training data are viewable worldwide in real-time; with options for two-way audio communication with riders, automated audio time reports to riders, with both live and recorded video footage of training sessions, all in sync with performance.

Data is private, secure, reliable and fully automated; free of filters and algorithms; allowing equine professionals to personalize the system to suite the requirements of different training programs and facilities.

A no-nonsense bespoke system giving connections the facts everyday wherever they, their horses and training divisions are located, supported by a dedicated customer service team.

Practically delivered, objective data, supporting informed decisions and managing expectations.

No Infrastructure Required

No permanent physical installations required.

Fully Automated Initiation Procedure

Turn device on, scan implanted RFID Chip and everything else takes care of itself.

Real-Time Data Viewable Worldwide

Data viewable in real-time, and for replay and comparison

Real-Time Audio Communication Between Trainer and Riders

Trainer can talk to rider(s) from anywhere, with conversations recorded.

Real-Time Speed Reports to Riders

Automatic audio sectional time reports to riders.

Real-Time Video

Viewable in real-time with training data, and for replay and comparison.

Completely Secure and Private Accounts

Secure accounts on separate servers, with levels of access authorized by trainers.

Practical and Designed For Purpose

Ergonomic, rugged, and easy to use.

Accurate Information No Illusions

Accurate objective data supporting informed decision making.

Equetronic’s mission is to delight horse owners and trainers with a step into the future in terms of convenience, accuracy, simplicity, and communication supported by a highly committed team.